Naughty Nellie

Naughty Nellie!

“No, Nelly! not today, my child!
I cannot let you take it; This cold
March wind, so strong and wild,
Your parasol, ‘twould break it!”

So said Mamma; but Nelly thought,
“I will take my new present:
Tis mine; to please me it was bought;
The weather’s bright and pleasant.”

So naughty Nelly slyly took
What kind Mamma had bought her,
And out she went — and, only look!
The wild March wind has caught her!The silk tore up, the ribs broke out,
In spite of Nelly’s swaying;
And people laughed at her, no doubt—
That comes of disobeying.

Anonymous; from “The Infant’s Delight”; Lea and Shephard of Boston & New York; c 1890


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